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Announces 2021 Request for Proposals

Funding expert teams to deliver rapid solutions to the most critical challenges facing humans and our planet

Request for Proposals Due Date: 10 December 2021* at 11:59pm, Eastern Time
For inquiries email:

Overview and Goals

The world’s most urgent conservation and sustainable development challenges demand innovative and decision-relevant solutions. The Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) believes successful solutions require integration of science with strategy, and a process that requires collaboration across sectors and organizations. We now release our 2021 Request for Proposals to find new cross-sector and interdisciplinary teams willing to do science differently for lasting impact.

SNAPP funds science that rapidly leads to tangible and enduring benefits to conservation and sustainable development. To achieve this, SNAPP funds teams of 12-15 people from diverse organizations to gather for 3-4 collaborative sessions over the course of 12-24 months. Building from a clearly articulated opportunity for cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation to influence policy and/or practice, these working groups conceive new ideas, synthesize data relevant to their work, and deliver rapid solutions. Between sessions, members collaborate remotely; work with long-term implementation partners; identify emerging opportunities for tangible, lasting change; develop and test tools and products; and publish research. The program provides technical support for repeatable synthesis and modeling methods, and creation of open-source tools and products. Over time, ideas and relationships fostered within SNAPP teams influence policy at national and international levels and initiate action across sectors. Due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, SNAPP welcomes innovative models including virtual and hybrid collaboration spaces.

Each year, SNAPP provides up to US $1 million total across 4-6 approved working groups, led by academic, governmental agency, multilateral, or nonprofit institutions. SNAPP is a partnership between The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Including members from TNC and WCS in your proposal is strongly encouraged, but not required. Prospective applicants should reach out to to discuss proposal ideas.

Please note: SNAPP funds are provided to convene working groups and, in some cases, to support salaries of postdoctoral fellows or research/technical assistants committed to specific aspects of the project; funds cannot be used to cover salaries of Principal Investigators or other group members. SNAPP is a niche funding source that facilitates convening and analysis for PIs on topics that are central to their current role and position or otherwise supported by their home institution for long-term implementation after the conclusion of the working group.

SNAPP welcomes proposals for working groups on all conservation/sustainable development topics.

How to Apply

Proposals are due no later than 11:59pm ET on 10 December 2021*. Please complete the required fields of the Proposal and submit by this time.

Candidates or their fiscal sponsors must be legally-established entities with non-profit charitable status under local law or other similar legal status, be a representative of a government agency or formally affiliated with a university or similar academic institution. Representatives of for-profit entities and independent contractors are not eligible to apply.

You can confirm receipt of your proposal and track its progress using this portal. Please email with any other questions. Late or incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.

Applicants will be notified of final decisions in early 2022; leaders of approved projects should plan to begin project work soon after, and to hold their first working group meeting by the middle of 2022. Please review information about ongoing and completed SNAPP teams prior to starting your application:

Questions? Contact SNAPP at:

Use of Information in SNAPP Proposals

This provides details explaining who can access the information submitted through this portal and how this information will be used.

SNAPP is a partnership between The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). All information submitted through the SNAPP proposal portal may be viewed by staff at the partner organizations supporting the SNAPP RFP, board of directors and affiliates for the express purpose of consideration for SNAPP funding. The information submitted is kept confidential and will not be shared outside this group. As an exception, SNAPP may occasionally share a proposal confidentially with an interested co-funder. Applicants may opt out of having their application shared with other funders by so indicating at the end of the “Consent” tab in the application. Contact information is not shared outside the SNAPP review and administration process.

SNAPP Records, including proposals and other records mentioned above, are stored on TNC systems. More information about TNC’s privacy practices can be found here.

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